Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking

Angela picking berries at Orleans Fruit Farm

It was a very warm day, but since I had the day off, we leaped at the chance to go berry picking.  We had been making plans to go pick strawberries and try to make jam this summer, and who knew if we’d get another chance.  So, out we went: three adults, one baby, one seven-year-old boy…determined to find the sweetest, the reddest, the most delicious strawberries at the U-Pick.

Thanks to some great advice from, even the absolute beginners among us were able to spot the best berries and fill baskets quickly.  We probably picked too many berries; we definitely overestimated how many we’d need for jam.  The strawberries were delectably sweet, however, and irresistible.

After a little lunch, we set about making jam.  This was a first for Justin and me, so we didn’t get it perfect, but we made 12 beautiful jars of jam: 6 strawberry, 6 strawberry-vanilla.  We used a water-bath canner to seal the jars, and every one of them sealed, which we thought was a victory.

The next day, we could hardly wait to taste the jam, and Justin made biscuits for breakfast.  It came out beautiful, red, sweet, and just a bit runny…all in all, a success.  We’d thought we’d save money by making our own, but we’re eating it by the spoonful so I doubt there will be much savings!  However, it’s going to be a nice treat once the strawberries are out of season, to have our very own fresh and local preserves, made by us!