Strawberry Shortcake

Remember those strawberries we picked last summer? While we used most of them making jam or just ate them with whipped cream, we squirreled some away in the freezer until just the right moment. Turns out the right moment was me declaring “Tonight I’m making strawberry shortcake.” In the middle of winter, because craving knows no season.

Now I’ve never made shortcake before; I’ve only had the grocery store spongecake variety. If you’re anything like me in that regard (and chances are good), try making your own some day. It’s well worth the small amount of effort. For that matter, make your own whipped cream, too. It’s cheaper and far tastier.

Recipes for shortbread abound, though most use shortening which I didn’t have on hand. Fortunately I found this recipe that uses only butter. Turns out real shortbread is a lot like biscuits, which I bake all the time thanks to my Southern blood. A good tip for this kind of thing: when it comes time to cut the butter into the flour mixture, grate your butter into the flour instead and mix it in by hand. We’ve got one of those rotary cheese graters that are ubiquitous in Italian restaurants, and it makes the task a lot easier.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake may be a traditionally Summer desert, and sure it’s better with fresh strawberries, but there’s nothing wrong with having it when there’s snow outside. Besides, in the frozen months, we could sure use a taste of the sun.