Comfort Food: Tuna Noodles in Cheese Sauce

A good friend of mine is having a hard go of it. It’s been the kind of month were stressful things just keep piling on her plate one after another and she’s got to figure out how to make room for it all. We’ve all been there. It’s no fun.

If she weren’t so far away, I know what I would do: go make dinner for her. Something hot, maybe from the oven, probably with cheese. It isn’t that I believe the best way of dealing with your problems is to start eating your feelings – been there, done that, got the (size XXL) t-shirt. But it is a natural part of being human to desire certain comforts when we are stressed. Familiar, satisfying foods and the companionship of our loved ones can make a difference.

Back when the kids were younger, the days were longer, and the nap times always seemed shorter, I had lots of months like that, where the little things seemed overwhelming. My friend was right there beside me, and after we went for coffee and took the kids to the park, we often made tuna noodles in cheese sauce for lunch. It was quick, it was simple, and doggone it, the kids liked it.

Tonight I had supper alone since Justin is at a Christmas party, and I couldn’t face leftovers. While I’m not as poorly off as my far-away friend, I still felt much better off thanks to her teaching me all those years ago to make cheese sauce. May we all be so lucky, to have such care.