Gourmet Lunch for Supper – Two Masters at Work

Is warm chicken salad the most comforting food?  Look at this.

Chicken Salad MeltI am a chicken salad virtuoso, and I’m  here to tell you my secrets.  Take any chicken meat: breast, thigh, leftover rotisserie from the deli, and chop it up smaller than bite size.  Add your favorite mayo or salad dressing with a fairly mild flavor profile: ranch, Italian, French, Miracle Whip, balsamic vinaigrette…just enough to moisten the chicken and make it spread .  Finely chop something crunchy and something sweet and stir in.  Place cheese on two slices of good bread (or one for a delicious open-face), layer with chicken salad, and toast in oven until warm and melted.  Just look at this.

Chicken Salad Melt

Chicken breast, olive oil mayo, finely chopped celery, cranberries, and creamy havarti on mini foccacias, served with butternut squash soup.

Dive in to those delicious pixels.  Dinner is just a sandwich, you say?
Perhaps “just a sandwich” could be so much more… (and yet so easy!)